Proud to present Petra Lunenburg’s take on Ree Projects.

It was back in 2008 when I encountered Petra Lunenburg's work for the first time.

I fell in love with her distinctive signature, her raw minimalistic abstraction that creates a sense of ambiguity.

We met for the first time only a few years ago, when I was joining drawing classes in her studio. I loved seeing her at work, the movement of her hand when she draws the lines on paper. Ever since I wanted to collaborate with her and so we did. Pleased to share our Q&A we had over a digital cup of coffee with you.

What is your background?

I Graduated as a fashion designer at ARTEZ Arnhem in 1996 and have been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for various fashion labels & magazines ever since.

My journey as an illustration artist started with an exhibition at Zuiderzee Museum in 2008 in collaboration with Dutch designer Alexander van Slobbe and Hazy Dolls; a show which took place in NYC.

Why did you start working as an illustration artist?

For me Illustration is a very direct connection with your soul, it fits with who I am as a human being. Starting as an illustration artist felt like a relief. It is a very focussed way of working, a very honest medium, collaboration friendly and there is room for my own interpretations.

Who are your clients?

VOGUE, Loewe for Show Studio, Nick Knight, ELLE magazine, Adidas, Nike, Ree Projects, Frenken, Humanoid, Hacked by and many more.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

I am influenced by both fashion and

fine art history such as René Bouché and

Egon Schiele. The human body and female energy is my main inspiration. I like to explore nudes on paper, the movement of

the body and its relation to fashion.

Can you tell us something about your process?

It is a kind of self portrait out of curiosity and a navigation with lines through my mind and ideas. I am interested in capturing anything beyond the physicality of my subjects. Visualising energetic rhythms of human figures, movements, expressions and looks is what I am conveying, ideally fully guided by my lines.‘

How was it to collaborate with Ree Projects?

When you reached out to me earlier this year with this idea. I immediately loved the courage of the brand to present a campaign just with illustrations. The collaboration was a beautiful amalgamation of the bags and the illustrations. The bags are refined, pure, clear in shape and dynamic. It worked really well with the raw and minimal abstraction of my work.

What is the role of fashion illustration in the current fashion industry in your opinion?

Vogue Italia’s edition with only illustrated editorials was a statement and a way to show the audience illustration is an important way of communication in fashion. In fact, illustration art is an endless source. It can always continue independently of the fashion system.

It is very close to myself as an illustration artist. I don’t need much, in terms of equipment, locations, models, make-up artist and such. It is a physical, human experience and a direct extension of myself. It gives me a lot of strength and courage to work from my inner self and put my soul into my work. I think we have that in common.

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