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Care instructions

Ree Projects carefully develops products made with fine, high quality Italian leathers. We provide each item with an individual care tag for specific care instructions. For additional questions regarding care please contact email us at customerservice@reeprojects.com 


1) Avoid expose to heat or extreme sun light. 2) Avoid contact with light colored clothing/textiles when hold against a dark colored bag. 3) Avoid contact with water, if your bag is exposed to water, dap it with a soft dry cloth and let it dry naturally, don’t use a heater. 3) If you have scratches email care@reeprojects.com for treated proprietary advice 4) Put your bag in the protective dust-bag, when your not using it. 5) Embrace the natural features of the leather material of your bag.

6) Don’t overfill your bag as it may lose its shape or you may damage it’s handles. 7) We use gold coloured hardware on our bags. In order to maintain the high shine and colour we recommend looking after your hardware and handling it with care. If not looked after correctly, colour may fade over time.8) We apply our logo to our bags with a heat transfer gold foil. Due to the uneven surface of our leather with structured surfaces, the logo may not always be evenly stamped. This is a normal result due to the nature of the leather.