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What would the world look like without fashion? boring... What would the world be without a planet... empty. That's why we believe every brand, designer, consumer, buyer and anyone else involved in this industry should take responsibility and act. 

Fashion is not a superficial industry and we love it.

It is an exciting and powerful industry that connects, empowers and gives room for a global conversation. Ree Projects is part of that conversation, takes responsibility as much as we can and act.

This is how

      0-km production

  • To keep our carbon foot print low

  • Source and buy materials near our factory

  • Selecting suppliers & partners near our factory

  • Shoot campaigns near our factory or studio to minimize extra miles in planes

  • Products are made 100% in Italy

  • Meticulously handcrafted

  • Ethically produced

  • Manufacturing partner pays fair wages & treat their staff with respect

  • Creating timeless pieces that will last longer than one season

  • Carefully design & develop our products

  • Making conscious choices for our raw materials

  • Using Chrome free, Vegetable tanned or recycled alternatives where we can

  • Paying attention to every detail

  • No over-production

  • Minimize waste

  • Working with people we like &

       treating our staff with respect

  • Caring about mental health in fashion

  • Including all women around the globe

  • Love what we do