How can I reach Ree Projects?

You can reach us by mail:

general inquiries mail to info@reeprojects.com

customerservice mail to customerservice@reeprojects.com

wholesale inquries mail to wholesale@reeprojects.com or contact our showroom SOLEDAD SENLLE

press inquiries mail to press@reeprojects.com or contact our PR & communication agency W.GREEN

questions about shopping online shop@reeprojects.com


How can I pay?

You can pay by iDeal and Creditcard (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal)


Is my payment secure?

Yes. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is used for every transaction in order to ensure that your order is secure.


Do I have to make an account?

No, you don't have to. Shopping in our online webstore is also possible without an account.

But creating an account makes shopping just a little easier. Up to you.


I like to subscribe for your newsletter

We love to keep you update and will not spam. You can subscribe for our newsletter, leave your email adres in the box below (see footer)


Can I see the bag and buy it offline?

Of course you can, we have carefully selected stockists in the Netherlands and soon abroad. See our list of stockists here.


The bag I like is out of stock

We try to keep everything in black (and some other colors) in stock, in the event we're out of stock the product will be restocked. You can mail us if you're interested in a specific product and we will inform you when it is restocked again. mail to customerservice@reeprojects.com


How do I know if an item is in stock? 
When you click on a product you can see if it is still in stock. When the product is sold out, you can see it directly. If a product will be restocked it will be indicated on the product page.



Our products are guaranteed 100% European.

How are the products made?

Our products are made by hand and individualy created by our carefully selected craftsman in small scaled workshops & family companies in the south of Europe (Portugal & Italy)


What materials do we use?

We use the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather only, made of selected Scandinavian, French or German premium hides. The leather quality is comparable to the well known Vachetta but gets more soft and is less rigid. Due to a special recipe and oil treat the leather ages beautiful and lasts much longer. 


What is vegetable tanned leather?

Vegetable tanned leather requires some fore knowledge so please keep on reading to get to know about it. It is a classic leather that becomes more beautiful over time. It's strong, personal and unique just like you are. Vegetable tanned leather is a natural tanning process without the use of toxics like chromiumsulfate and other chromium salts. It is an artisan tradition at selected Tuscan tanneries which makes this product more unique and sustainable and ensures a low impact on the environment.

The leather is oil treated and will become more soft when it ages. It absorbs the traces of our life, it matures without ruining and does not compromise its resistance. It will develop a distinct and unique character. Treated well this leather product should last a lifetime. Colours naturally change and darken with use. And no leather looks like any other.


How do I care & condition my bags?

First of all give your bag some love and care. And you will be companions forever.


How do I treat the leather?

Depends on how much you love and how carefully you will treat your bag. The leather is oil treated and will become more soft when it ages. Because of the oil treat the leather stays beautiful and gets even more beautiful by the use of it. It is not neccessary to condition it frequently, rubbing with a soft dry cloth can be enough to replace the natural oils which conditions the leather.

However we recommend Collonil Organic Bamboo Lotion to condition and clean the leather if neccessary. Always apply the conditioner or protector to the cloth first, rather than directly onto the leather. Gently rub it over the entire surface to prevent uneven application. Both the protector as the conditioner can make your leather a bit darker.


Is my bag water resistant?

Be careful during rainy season! We recommend to avoid the rain and heavy downpours because leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof. Water can stain and leave spots. We recommend weather-proofing spray if your bag is exposed to extreme weather conditions. In the case your bag got wet never leave it next to a heater or fireplace to get dry but let it dry naturally or dry it with a clean soft cloth.


Does the color of my bag will change?

Yes, our light colours like 'Camel' naturally will change and darken over time. Due to the unique nature of the leather, some color and texture variation may occur. Don't leave your bag in the full sun for a longer time, this will cause color fading.


Damage & repair

Due to the unique nature of the leather, some color and texture variation may occur. And no leather looks like any other. Vegetable tanned leather is a natural tanning process The differences in tone and possible marks are to be regarded as a sign of quality. Because the products are individually created by craftsmen it can affect some imperfections which is considered as unique product characteristics.


In case of a material defect in the product on our behalf, you have the right to choose a similar product in exchange, to withdraw from the contract or to request a price reduction, within 6 months for leather goods from the purchase date at customerservice@reeprojects.com

All requests are to be confirmed by written correspondence with us.

It is up to you to check the products upon delivery and to notify us within 14 days. Failure to do so will result in a loss of your rights.


Our bags are designed to last. If something breaks during normal use, please send us an email at customerservice@reeprojects.com  and include a few photos of the issue so we can respond swiftly. Repairs will be assessed case by case. Depending on the situation we can take care of repairs. Please mail us at customerservice@reeprojects.com

Help, my first scratch on my virgin bag!

Keep in mind: Vegetable tanned leather will not remain pristine and sleek. It is completely natural, with no synthetic treats or finishes. Scratching will occur. Surface marking, scratches, stains and patina belong to the normal ageing process of your item. Surface marking or scratches on natural finish leathers are usually remedied by rubbing with a little pressure from your finger which replaces the natural oils.

Color fastness

Please note: When your item is new, there is a risk of pigment rubbing off the leather as with any naturally dyed product. For the first few wears we recommend avoiding wearing dark leather onto light colored clothing and being careful with wearing dark clothing, for example denim on to light colors. We recommend to be careful and have this in mind when used.



We try to make as much sustainable choices as possible. Reading about and watching the documentary 'The true cost' made us realise that every brand should be aware and at least try to make sustainable choices. Sustainability for us is not only about choosing vegetable tanned leather but also making timeless well crafted collections, and creating companions for life. Sustainability is part of our vision, our product and our growth as a brand. Choose well buy less.


Terms & conditions

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Other questions?

We're sorry if your question has not been answered yet, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at customerservice@reeprojects.com