Soft Suede made of premium Italian Bovine leather.

Ree Projects bags are crafted with premium Italian leathers & textiles. These are unique: variations in colour, small marks and irregularities are natural features and should not be considered imperfections. Embrace these natural features.

• Avoid exposure to heat, extreme sunlight and humidity

• Avoid contact with contrast coloured garments or materials

• Avoid contact with water, if your bag is exposed to water, dap it with a soft, dry, light cloth, don’t use a heater

• Avoid contact with grease, perfume, cosmetics or rough or sharp objects surfaces

• Begin with thorough pre-cleaning, use soft suede brush

• Make waterproof before you wear, use a protective spray to prevent stains. Dry naturally without forced heat including direct sunlight

• After using a suede spray, brush material with a soft suede brush

• Occasionally treat with a suede brush to help smooth any marks or indentations

• For minor marks and stains, use a suede brush and gently rub to surface

• For heavy stains or discoloration, cleaning by professional only

• Use protective spray every 6 months

• Do not wash in the washing machine

• Do not over-fill your bag

• Put your bag in the dust bag to protect from dust and light when not using it

• Store it in a place not too
warm, humid or unventilated

• contact us at: for any other care & condition advice